The company has been producing and distributing paper hygiene products for more than 15 years and is in long-term partnership with most of the chain stores and international retailers in Bulgaria. The professional approach and the open-minded team together with the constant implementation of new products on the market take us to the leading positions in the field of paper products. With the right investment decisions and the experience, through the last few years the company achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction and proficiency in the offered service.  

In order to fully please the demands of each of our customers, we work only with highest quality raw materials and all processes of the production line are closely monitored.
The broad range of products we offer includes paper napkins with the trade mark "SANTIA", napkins with individual designs, printed paper cups, folded and rolled paper towels, toilet paper and dispensers for all of our products.
  • 1995 - The company started its business as a distributor and importer of leading brands of paper products for the household
  • 2000 - Was chosen Official representative for some of the world leaders in paper production and dispenser production.
  • 2003 - Own production line was introduced through one of the best machinery for paper napkins - "OMET" TV 503, with productivity of up to 1800 napkins per minute. The company brought to the Bulgarian market the 1/8 folded napkin.
  • 2004 - Another investment was accomplished and the company introduced the latest "ultrasonic" technology through a "RISSEN" Ramona 100 Machinery for paper cups.
  • 2008 - One more production line was installed and the portfolio of the company was further expanded with paper products for professional hygiene purposes   - - -           
                - Napkins 25/25 sm. with 2 color printing
                -  V - folded paper towels - cellulose, deinked and recycled 
                -  Toilet paper for professional use "JUMBO ROLL" 

                -  Rolled paper towels for professional use "HANDY ROLL"